SVT's gender equality policy profile

Name SVT's gender equality policy
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Short description SVT’s gender equality policy stipulates gender-sensitive programming (choice of topic and focus) and strives for gender parity in the numbers of programming participants (± 10%, measured over one year). To combat segregation by sex, SVT requires an equal gender composition (± 10%) in all managerial levels and within each professional level. Moreover, SVT strives to dismantle the gender pay gap with a rule that average salaries for women and men in the organization as a whole and in each professional category should not differ (± 3%). Monitoring and follow-up is conducted in-house on an annual basis.
Main Organization Sveriges Television (SVT)
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Country Sweden
Types gender equality policies
monitoring leading to organizational change
Related issues access to decision-making
gender pay gap and access to resources (pay and conditions)
policy and governance
Media sector television
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